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Stories that inspire us to #BuildOurAfrica, from our community.

Stories from the community

Rachel Bashabe 🇺🇬
CEO & Founder at Veryldesigns
My first impression of England? Chaotic and cold! Having lived in Mbarara and Kampala for the first 13 years of my life, I was very attached to the lifestyle there. To the warm weather and pampered feeling of having chauffeurs drive you around and have people help you do your laundry...
Tirus Njenga 🇰🇪
CEO & Founder of EHUMAN
I first came to the UK on the 14th of April 2006 to join the British Army. It was a big cultural shock because life here is fast-paced and very expensive. I was also young and had mixed feelings about moving so far from home...
Winluck Shayo 🇹🇿
Doctor & CEO of Afya4All
When I landed at Heathrow, I didn't have any gloves. This was back in 2015 and in the middle of February so it was icy cold and I still had to make my way to Nottingham. I decided to buy some socks at the airport and put them on my hands...

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions

Conversations with change makers, helping to #BuildOurAfrica

Listen back to our session with Tayo, the founder & Group CEO of Paga as he talks about building Paga, the African FinTech market, some hot trends in African tech, fundraising and more.

Building World Class Teams in Africa Panel discussion

Building incredible teams in Africa can be hard, especially as a start-up founder!
Watch back on what promises to be an insightful discussion for founders, hiring strategists, and aspiring candidates alike.
Harriet Kariuki - Cofounder, Afrijob Network
​Jessica Colaço - VP of Growth and Success, Brave Careers
​Darren Franks - Cofounder and CEO, TalentintheCloud

#BuildOurAfrica​​ Sessions 008: Yele Bademosi, Founder & CEO Bundle Africa

Hear from the talk with Yele the founder of Bundle Africa (the social payments app for cash and crypto), talking about building a decentralized system that works for everyone and the unique challenges which come heading up a successful African VC.

Africa's Digital Identity Revolution - Panel discussion

Watch back on a discussion where our CEO sat with a panel of founders from companies innovating in the Know Your Customer (KYC) and digital Identity space as they discuss new challenges, digital inclusion, and what this evolution could mean for us as customers in the future.
Mark Straub - Cofounder, Smileidentity
​Esigie Aguele - Cofounder and CEO, Verify Me  
​Paul Damalie - CEO and founder, Appruve

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions 007: Odunayo Eweniyi

Watch back on our session with Odunayo Eweniyi, the Co-founder & Coo of Piggyvest - an app that has helped people save over $250 million dollars since it launched 4 years ago. Talk about impact investing, the origins of Piggyvest, and Nigeria’s feminist movement.

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions 006: Samuel Gikandi

Our session with Samuel Gikandi, founder of Africa’s Talking - an API platform that has removed the barriers to innovation for thousands of developers across the continent. For over a decade he has been at the helm of one of Africa’s leading enterprise software companies. Backed by IFC, Orange Digital Ventures, and former Facebook exec- Chamath Palihapitiya he raised  $8.6 million to support the company's rapid expansion in 2018.

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions 005: Tesh Mbaabu

To kickstart 2021 we sat down with Tesh Mbaabu, the co-founder of Marketforce 360, the Y-combinator-backed business with sights firmly set on becoming the Salesforce for Africa. A serial tech entrepreneur and UN fellow who made his first million at 19 years old. Hear more about Tesh’s hardest decisions, biggest motivations, and ambitions for the future.

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions 004: Ricky Rapa Thomson

Ricky Thomson is the co-founder and director of Safeboda, a ride-hailing app with a social mission.  Find out more about his journey from a rider with no formal training, to a co-founder of an app improving the safety of over 13,000 drivers across the continent and one of Forbes 30 most promising African entrepreneurs.

Building Africa’s Cross Border Economy - Panel discussion

We brought together a panel of leaders in the cross-border payments space for a panel event where our audience set the agenda.
Stone Atwine - CEO, Eversend
Atsu Davoh - Founder, BitSika
Rachel Balsham - Deputy CEO, MFS Africa

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions 002: Jesse Ghansah

In conversation with Jesse Ghansah the Ghanaian founder who built two Y Combinator backed startups in 5 years. We’ll be chatting about millennials, fundraising overseas as an African founder, and what’s next for his current start up, Swipe plus plenty more.

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions 001: John Oke

In conversation with John Oke, the 26 year old founder and CEO of Wallets Africa a Nigerian fintech bringing seamless financial transactions to the masses.

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