We’re on a mission to increase economic opportunity for Africans worldwide.

Dar es Salaam

$48 billion was sent from overseas to family and friends in Sub-Saharan Africa last year.

As well as covering basic needs, contributions from friends and family overseas provide a launchpad to save, invest and grow. Every African deserves to carve out their own path to excellence, and access to financial support plays an important role in making this a reality.

Opportunities aren’t equally distributed. Last year $3.3 billion was lost in fees.

And every missed opportunity comes with a human cost. Africa is the most expensive continent to send money to, and we think there’s room for something better. In fact, it’s the reason we’re laser focused on building new ways to unlock progress and potential every time someone sends money home.

Let’s change the narrative around our future for good.

As Africans, we’re often underestimated. Told to wait for others to solve our problems. We represent a movement tackling global challenges with dedication, brainpower and hard work. We’re creating community powered solutions for the continent and diaspora. Get involved and let’s build something amazing on our terms!

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