Payments in Africa are 1% built.

Last year we lost ~$6.9bn on fees

By the end of 2021 just six African countries supported real-time payments. Only 5 to 7%  percent of all payments were made through digital channels. On average we lose 8 - 9% on transaction fees every time we send money. Africa is still the most expensive continent in the world to send money to. Significantly.

We all deserve better.

Every week we hear stories from our community of determination, persistence and sacrifice in the name of a greater cause. People supporting loved ones at home, nurturing businesses, building a legacy for the future.

Last year $49-billion was sent from overseas to family and friends in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Every penny counts.

We represent a movement tackling global challenges with dedication, brainpower and hard work.

Community is the heart and soul of everything we do. Since day one we’ve worked closely with early users to understand how we solve real world problems and empower you financially.

In the past year we’ve grown a world class international team, launched NALA in the US and added heavily requested features such as our rates calculator.

People are now sending millions through NALA  every month.

We’re building the rails for greatness, shoulder to shoulder with you, our community. It’s time to build our Africa.

Our pledge to you

- Build products around your needs.
- Embody transparency in everything we do.
- Work collaboratively with the communities we serve to drive forward initiatives which elevate and empower.

Looking forward 🚀

Remember when we said money transfer was only the beginning? Stay up to date with what we’re building and share your thoughts with us!