Our success is driven by our mission, our people and our values.

NALA is about building payments for the Next Billion. We’ve made strides towards this by supporting fast, reliable, and affordable international payments to 9 African countries, with more to come in 2024.

But progress means nothing unless we’re solving real-world problems for you, our customers. So we’re committed to building something together alongside the communities we serve. We’ve hosted events across the globe and supported those run by community members from the diaspora in the US, EU, and UK.

Payments in Africa are still only 1% built, but we are rising to meet this challenge.

NALA is funded by the world’s most prestigious accelerators and VCs, including Y-Combinator, Bessemer, and Accel. We also have the support of angel investors personally involved with founding and building Monzo, Robinhood, Revolut, Wise, and many more.

Meet the NALA Team 🚀

The NALA Team photo

Our remote first team is spread across 18 countries and we speak 20+ languages between us! We bring together deep expertise of local markets and a wealth of experience from world renowned tech and finance companies including Google and Citi.

We work hard and play hard. We are results focused. We share our failures and challenges openly. Our values are our cultural DNA. They are the  standard to which we hold ourselves and others accountable.

We are an unapologetically ambitious team, passionate about leading by example and driving meaningful  change at the highest level. Sound interesting? There’s a you-shaped hole in our team! Check out our careers page.

Looking forward 🚀

Remember when we said money transfer was only the beginning? Stay up to date with what we’re building and share your thoughts with us!