Tirus Njenga 🇰🇪
CEO & Founder of EHUMAN
I first came to the UK on the 14th of April 2006 to join the British Army. It was a big cultural shock because life here is fast-paced and very expensive. I was also young and had mixed feelings about moving so far from home. Nevertheless, when I got the invitation letter to be part of the army I took the opportunity and made one of the biggest decisions in my life. In the UK, I was hosted by family friends who really made me appreciate what it means to help others. They planted a seed of service in me.
"I was helping hundreds of people find their footing to join the British army and navigate the UK."
Training to be part of the army was not easy but I was up to the challenge. I have always been fit and this made it easy for me to excel in different activities especially the rigorous weaponry exercises. After 14 years in the army, I went to Cambria University and ended up working part-time as a paramedic. I really enjoyed this and anytime I am in Kenya I still spend time offering free first aid training to people in my home in Kiambu. I have since heard countless stories of people we trained offering villagers first aid and potentially saving lives because of our training. It is such a humbling feeling.

When I first went back to Kenya, I was a lot more aware of the opportunities that existed to help people in Kenya. I started by introducing my sisters to the army and eventually I was helping hundreds of people find their footing to join the British army and navigate the UK. I now have a business called EHUMAN that offers legal, HR, and counselling services in the UK. Our motivation is to provide service to all.

I love helping people find their footing in the diaspora. I love solving problems. This is why I love NALA. When we work together and help each other we go so much further. NALA helps me send money back home and stay connected with my businesses and investments. The more we use our African services and buy from our businesses, the more we grow. It is the power of ubuntu. Let us come together and #BuildOurAfrica.