NALA Demo Day, June 2023

Demo Day is a NALA tradition. It's a biweekly internal meeting where each team showcases what they've shipped, aligned to our company value of #GetItDone. Most importantly, it's where we hold ourselves accountable to you and ensure we're making impact.

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Let's get into it. Here's a round-up from this month.

Build with NALA

Introducing the launch of our new content hub, Build with NALA! Home to insightful blogs, engaging podcasts, and community updates all in one place. A gateway to exclusive content and news updates, as well as inspiring stories of individuals making a difference. 

Check out our intro blog to learn more, and remember to drop in as we regularly update the page with fresh content.

To join us and stay connected, visit

NALA for Business - Enabling multi-user transaction controls

We’re always gathering feedback and looking for ways to improve. `One thing we heard from our Business users was the need for more control and transparency over payments.

So, we’ve Built some handy new features.  If your team has more than one user on NALA for Business, you will now see a toggle on the settings page, which, if turned on, requires all transactions to be approved by a manager or admin. 

We are working on the next phase of this feature, so stay tuned.

Understand unique user challenges

NALA CEO Benjamin Fernandes (on the right) with one of our users in Athens, Greece in a community meetup

As we expand into new markets, we often uncover new challenges unique to a country or region. It's only by sitting down with people like you that we can fully unearth and understand our users’ pain points. 

So, #TheNALATeam recently spent some time in Greece, hanging out and hearing from some of our European users about what challenges they face when sending money to Africa. 

We hosted one of our famous NALA community meet-ups in Athens and were humbled by the welcome we received. 

Keep an eye out for more events and meet-ups around the globe soon.

#BuildOurAfrica speaker series: New episode. 

Our CEO and founder, Benjamin, is back with season two of the hit #BuildOurAfrica podcast.

In this series, Benjamin interviews fellow African founders to learn about their journeys and experiences in the African tech scene. 

Check out the latest episode with Paul Damilie, co-founder and CEO of Approve now.

Coming soon:  Peer-to-peer transfers on NALA! 🚀

We're developing an innovative feature on NALA that allows you to send money to other users without adding any details. 

We are in the user feedback stage right now, so tune in next month to learn more!

That's All, Folks!

We appreciate your support throughout our journey. Watch for upcoming updates next month.


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