Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy defines acceptable practices and prohibited uses relating to the Service by users. The Service must be used in a manner consistent with the intended purpose of the Service, the Terms, and this Acceptable Use Policy. By using the Service, you agree to the latest version of this Acceptable Use Policy. Unless otherwise expressly defined below, the capitalized terms used herein have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms [].
Without affecting any other remedies available to us, we may permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend your User Account or access to the Service without notice or liability if we (in our sole discretion) determine that you have violated this Acceptable Use Policy.
1. Technical Restrictions
You agree not to engage in any of the following prohibited activities: (i) modifying or translating the Service, or creating derivative works based on the Service; (ii) altering or removing any proprietary rights, notices, or marks in the Service; (iii) using the Service in any way for any purpose that infringes, misappropriates, or otherwise violates any intellectual property rights or other right of any third party; (iv) reverse engineering, disassembling, copying, distributing, or disclosing any part of the Service in any medium, including without limitation by any automated or non-automated “scraping”; (v) using any automated system, including without limitation “robots,” “spiders,” “offline readers,” etc., to access the Service in a manner that sends more request messages to the NALA servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a conventional online web browser (except that NALA grants the operators of public search engines revocable permission to use spiders to copy publicly available materials from the Service for the sole purpose of and solely to the extent necessary for creating publicly available searchable indices of the materials, but not caches or archives of such materials); (vi) transmitting spam, chain letters, or other unsolicited email; (vii) attempting to interfere with, compromise the system integrity or security or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Service; (viii) taking any action that imposes, or may impose at our sole discretion an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure; (ix) uploading invalid data, viruses, worms, or other software agents through the Service; (x) collecting or harvesting any personally identifiable information, including account names, from the Service; (xi) using the Service in connection with any time-sharing or service bureau, for any other commercial purpose (unless expressly permitted by NALA), or otherwise in any way that is fraudulent, harmful, misleading, in violation of any law, disparaging, or detrimental to NALA; (xii) impersonating another person or otherwise misrepresenting your affiliation with a person or entity, conducting fraud, hiding or attempting to hide your identity; (xiii) interfering with the proper working of the Service; (xiv) accessing any content on the Service through any technology or means other than those provided or authorized by the Service; or (xv) bypassing the measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Service, including without limitation features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any content or enforce limitations on use of the Service or the content therein.
2. Restricted Goods and Services
You will not, without NALA’s prior written consent, use the Service to purchase Restricted Goods or Services, as defined below. If you use the Service to purchase any goods or services which NALA considers, in its reasonable discretion, to be dangerous, inappropriate or high risk, NALA reserves the right to prohibit the use of the Service to purchase such goods or services. “Restricted Goods or Services” means for example, but not in limitation,  (i) goods or services that are illegal under applicable law (i.e., goods or services that infringe third-party intellectual property, including without limitation counterfeit goods and pirated content); (ii) inherently dangerous goods, including without limitation illegal drugs or derivatives thereof, cannabidiol products and nutraceuticals, psychoactive substances, equipment to facilitate drug use, weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and fireworks, instructions for making explosives or harmful products, or tobacco products; (iii) pornographic materials; (iv) products that enable dishonest behavior, including without limitation hacking software or instructions, fake documents, and academic cheating products; and (v) without limiting the foregoing, any goods or services which are required by law to be sold to customers over 18 years of age.