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Why are payments in Africa still 1% built? Introducing Rafiki.API

Building a business is hard. Payment reliability shouldn’t be.

Payments for the Next Billion

NALA's Updated Mission:

2023 Year in Review

Get it Done - a year of action

Sessions with Change-makers

#BuildOurAfrica Sessions showcase leaders in the African startup space

Season 1

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#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 001: John Oke
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 002: Jesse Ghansah
Building Africa's Cross Border Economy - Panel discussion
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 004 : Ricky Thomson
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 005 : Tesh Mbaabu
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 006 : Samuel Gikandi
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 007: Odunayo Eweniyi
Africa's Digital Identity Revolution - Panel discussion
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 008: Yele Bademosi
Building World Class Teams in Africa Panel discussion
#BuildOurAfrica Speaker Series 009: Tayo Oviosu

Season 2

Watch Season 2
From the University of Nairobi to Raising $42m+ Meet Tesh Mbaabu
From a Small Village to Building Tanzanias Largest Digital Agency: Edwin Bruno
No Funding, Betrayal, Now a Multimillion Dollar Fintech in Africa: Wole of FINCRA
From Betrayal, Rogue Co-Founder, to Landmark Exit: Paul Damalie
Wins, Losses, and the Enchanting Entrepreneurship Journey: Mathias LĂ©opoldie
Ken Njoroge's Entrepreneurship Journey: Overcoming Tragedy and Building Success
Payroll Panic to Client Catastrophe: S.A.'s Trailblazing Entrepreneur Velani Mboweni #BuildOurAfrica
From Failure to Fortune: How Y-Combinator Shaped My Startup Journey - Tunde Kara

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